• YMG technical services help you achieve more with less effort in strategic alignment with your mission and objectives.
  • We supply complete product designs with structural design , hydraulic & pneumatic and electric & electronic system design merged with structural parts and manufacturing instructions, all needed from one source.
  • Our services starts from design stage , continue with manufacturing documentation with using latest 2D & 3D project skills , production supervision , procedures & documentations.
  • Also we supply technical services to support our manufacturing partners which we work with in SKD & CKD basis.


  • We handle complete facility set-ups from A to Z.
  • We design your factory suits with your product & production requirement , region conditions , financial capabilities and production costs.
  • Our service includes factory area , land planning , defining machinery requirements and supplies , workflow planning , material flow planning , safety regulations , manpower organization with using latest technological and organization skills.


  • We develop your business by finding new potential growth opportunities with new markets and products.
  • Our business development services make grow your sales ,widen your product range , increase your financial capabilities , secure your legal entities where we involved.